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We supply specialist emergency medical services to the event industry, covering all aspects from Basic Life Support through to Advanced Life Support care and treatment. NEMS has the ability to formulate and implement correct medical disaster and evacuation procedures, specific to each event and the number of staff required at each function, thus complying with all  legislation as stipulated in terms of the Health and Safety Act.

NEMS plans, implements and manages all medical aspects of a function, specific to individual clients needs, thus providing the client with an elevated advantage and adding superior  leverage and credibility to our clients and their respective organisations. The event management requires specific skills and equipment to ensure that risk and danger factors are reduced.


NEMS – National Emergency Medical Services is a pre-hospital emergency medical care specialist service with well trained and equipped personnel. Our vehicles are equipped to deal with any medical emergency situation.
NEMS offers an array of emergency medical personal. Our vehicles range from advanced life support rapid response to intermediate and basic life support. NEMS is equipped to perform intensive care inter- hospital ambulance transfers including both adult and pediatric patients.
NEMS are able to facilitate any type of national and international emergency medical response and transportation logistics. This service can be performed for many different sectors requiring assistance, from old age home transfers, general practitioner annual check-ups, hospital to home services and emergency medical response services, with transportation to the closest and most appropriate medical facility available.

The directors of NEMS have been involved in performing and arranging aero-medical flights and assistance for a number of years. Resulting from this experience, NEMS are able to offer medical escort assistance to any passenger requiring additional help during their flight.
The assistance begins prior to the flight and includes pre-flight medical examinations and all necessary logistical arrangements. Post flight assistance includes ambulances organization and hospital transportation. Continuous passenger monitoring occurs throughout the entire flight.
NEMS are familiar with airport customs, immigration rules and regulations and engage in discussions with the airlines to ensure the entire flight process is undertaken efficiently and with the utmost care to the passenger.


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